Symposium on Investigating Intersections of Corporate Governance & Compliance

Notre Dame Law in London hosted a conference in April 2019 called “Investigating Intersections of Corporate Governance & Compliance,” which sought to facilitate dialogue regarding the ways in which governance and compliance intersect. This symposium collection showcases the six papers presented at that conference, along with an introduction by the symposium’s organizer, Veronica Root Martinez:


Symposium Introduction: Investigating Intersections of Corporate Governance & Compliance

Veronica Root Martinez


The Making of a Mismarker: The Case of the Only Banker Jailed in the U.S. for His Role in the Financial Crash

Joe McGrath


Foreign Corruption as Market Manipulation

Gina-Gail S. Fletcher


The Role of Corporate Governance in a Macroprudential Framework

Katrien Morbee


Regulating Cryptocurrency Secondary Market Trading Platforms

Kristin N. Johnson


Is Business and Human Rights Suitable for the Compliance Function?

Michael K. Addo


More Meaningful Ethics

Veronica Root Martinez