Briefly 1.10 – Creating a Market for Corporate Disclosures

Today, we’ll discuss the corporate disclosures required by the SEC and an alternative method for handing these disclosures—the creation of a market to buy and sell corporate data. This episode features M. Todd Henderson, the Michael J. Marcus professor of law at the University of Chicago Law School and Donald Langevoort, the Thomas Aquinas Reynolds Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center. Professor Henderson and his coauthor, Kevin S. Haeberl, associate professor of law at William and Mary Law School, explore this issue further in their paper Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure. The paper is available at…stract_id=2814125.

This episode of Briefly, a production of the University of Chicago Law Review, was produced by Sef Schaffel, David Sandefer, Thomas Molloy, and Chris Walling. Music from Special thanks to Tom Garvey and the V85 Online Group.